IMG_0932Interested in starting your own journey towards better health and improving your quality of life? Find out if the training I offer is suited for you by answering these questions

  1. Are you interested in losing weight?
  2. Are you interested in looking better naked?
  3. Are you interested in having more energy throughout the day?
  4. Are you interested in keeping your mind young and sharp?
  5. Are you interested in increasing your physical faculty in order to perform better?

1.  Losing weight isn’t easy – if it were – nobody would be fat. Balancing personal experience with scientific research, I help clients track their eating habits, set realistic goals, and find a dietary strategy designed around you. Nutritional consultation is complimentary alongside your workouts with me.

2. Maybe you want a six pack and a chest that will cover the sun – maybe you just want to lose those love handles. Either way, the resistance training I offer is guaranteed to make you stronger, every time. Stronger muscles hold the skeleton in better posture, immediately improving aesthetics. Stronger muscles also demand more calories every single day – meaning you can eat more and lose more fat.

3. Engaging the muscular system awakens the metabolism, which in turn awakens the digestive system. By engaging in vigorous physical activity you up-regulate your metabolism to meet higher energy demands. Your body will learn to burn stored fat much more efficiently than in the absence of vigorous exercise. Even the leanest of us have nearly endless amounts of energy stored as fat – losing weight should be effortless!

4. Consistent exercise of just about any variety has been well documented to have neuro-protective effects, even helping to ward off serious mental diseases such as dementia, depression, and alzheimer’s . In my experience, the transformative aspect of strength training puts our bodies into such a powerful state of physical growth that it is difficult not to find oneself developing new opinions, interests, and perspectives while training consistently.

5. Strength is the physical attribute with the single most carry over to other attributes. Once strengthened, a person can develop their agility, speed, coordination, power, and even aerobic capacity, with far less resistance. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific performance goals and find out more about how I can streamline the path to being the strongest version of yourself!

I work with people one on one to ensure I’m best matching their current condition with their goals. This being said, for the majority of non-athletes, training with me involves just two, one hour sessions every week. Absolutely no other workouts are required to guarantee that you will be getting stronger at a rate of 2-10% stronger every single workout. Money back guarantee.


Liam Pinson