“For several years, I was trained by Liam’s father, Tom Pinson.  I have never in my life experienced such competent training with mathematically predictable results.  I have continued training with Liam after Tom’s passing because he has the benefit of his father’s accumulated wisdom, plus an inquiring mind of his own that is constantly digesting new findings and incorporating them into our training program.  Training with Liam is safe, challenging, and fun.”

  • Tom Myers, Director, Anatomy Trains

“After some time (quite a bit of time) away from the gym I decided I wanted to find a personal trainer to help jump start a strength building program. I was referred to Liam and it has been a great decision. He is very knowledgeable about the many facets of training  with a particular emphasis on total body mechanics. After only a few months of training I have noticed a marked increase in my strength. Perhaps more importantly i am much more in tune with how my body moves. Liam is a very personable dedicated and professional trainer who will listen to your goals and help you accomplish them. He is happy to start with any client where they are and put together a program that works for them and then modifies along the way as  needed. This includes adjusting for injury or plateaus, establishing a solid foundation for growth and motivating you to expand your limits.”

  • Bob Giovannini

“Training with Liam Pinson is the most important decision I made for my health in the last decade. Liam’s personal training regime has restored a sense of energy coursing through my body that I’ve not felt since my youth. Liam’s training has been a wake-up call that showed me just how far off-track my workout had drifted. Liam adjusted my workout regime and got me back on course to building strength, energy, and health. Liam’s personal training program has altered the sensation of the way I feel and move my body, and is reflected in every facet of my life, right down to the way I walk. Liam’s training has dramatically changed the way I will work-out for the rest of my life. In fact, this training changes everything for me, about working-out…. and about living!”

  • Michael R. Buccigrossi, Dr.P.H. Professor of Health Sciences University of Southern Maine

“Liam has an amazing ability to work with people. His knowledge of the human body and function allows Liam to provide effective training for his clients while properly educating them. He is super chill and has a Big Heart.”

  • Eric Hilton, Founder of Optimal Self Community Health and Wellness Center

“I completed Liam’s one month intro training program in 2016 after looking for a local trainer online.  Choosing a trainer can be overwhelming, but Liam does what he says and is amazing at what he does.  Simply put, Liam wants you to achieve your goals.  He provided me with the right instruction to learn exercises and do them correctly, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge of body mechanics and the physical principles behind why certain movements achieve certain results.  Along with the academic aspect of training, Liam pushes you hard and doesn’t let you quit.  After my month program I was stronger, more slim, had more energy, and was ready to tackle a workout program with the right tools and mindset to keep at it and avoid injury.  I still check in with him about once a month, and cannot say enough great things about what he does.  If you’re on the fence, you can rest assured that Liam will help you get where you want to go.”

  •       Jon Stavis, Freelance Computer Programmer