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My time is now available to you despite any distance between us.

Are you in need of

  • troubleshooting on a particular issue?
  • programming?
  • accountability?

Let me help. In my experience –  the number one thing holding back progress in the gym, from fat loss to muscle or even flexibility, is a lack of physical awareness which lends itself to moving with BAD FORM. Hands down the internet has endless resources and tutorials on “corrective exercises” or “complete guides” to mastering one exercise or another. The only problem here is that the well intentioned authors cannot SEE YOU MOVE. While there certainly are trends in people’s posture (tech neck being one) – no two body’s are identical and while one thing might be the biggest quick fix for one person, it might exacerbate another persons injury!

Here’s where I come in. You made it this far (props) and that means you’re really close to finally getting a qualified set of eyes on the way you’re already moving. The way you’re already moving is how you got where you are now. If you’re ready to move towards a new level of performance, a new body in the mirror, and a more comfortable way of moving CALL TODAY to set up your introductory session. Bring me your biggest complaint, your biggest challenge, your toughest question, and give me a chance to SHOW YOU how much I can help.

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