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Health and fitness is a process of growth which I have discovered to be most rewarding. I have been trained for years under my father, Thomas Pinson, who studied and worked with Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus. My father trained thousands of people, ranging from top athletes to the deconditioned and elderly. With the dawn of the internet, a wealth of information regarding exercise, physiology, and nutrition is at anyone’s fingertips. I balance the endless information which I continue to research with the core principles of my father’s methods. It is my pleasure to dedicate hours towards research, contemplating improvements upon my own training and the training I prescribe. I therefore emphasize education with all my clients, providing a concise explanation of stimuli required for the desired adaptation, as well as hands on assistance in the execution of these movements. Through time efficient strength training, my methods provide maximal stimulus for growth while also strengthening connective tissue, suitable for all age groups and genders. There is a line of progression to improved performance which is different for each and every person. It is my charge to best match your current condition with the program which will allow you to function at your best, at what you like best. No matter if your goal is to support your athletic endeavors, to drop fat, or simply to move with more ease, I have the steps for you. You are capable of significantly improving your quality of life by boosting both your metabolism and your movement patterns. All of my methods are founded upon progressive resistance, thus maintaining a dynamic challenge to both your mind and body.
The development of musculature and energy systems is a process which demands dedication, concentration, and mental presence. Transforming my body to be more capable is just half of my dream – I am energized by watching others grow and surpass their present condition. By doing difficult things in the gym, difficult things outside the gym become easier. Training should not be a goal oriented endurance test, rather, a practice which continues to be rewarding physically and mentally.


Five years from writing the text above – I would add but a few key points. In such a new industry as personal training – far too many “systems” “methods” and certifications have emerged to be properly vetted for their value and efficacy. To any newcomer curious about a job or career in personal training – the alphabet soup of certifications and methods is daunting, and quickly muddies the water from what you may have come to know organically through your own experience in physical endeavors. Rest assured – consilience of information is achievable in this field, though it will not be through any one business achieving hegemony. Rather, it will occur in a gradual, decentralized fashion, as individuals continue to test tools, protocols, methods, and systems, against each other and in conjunction with one another. Contributing to this process is my goal.

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