How are you fighting yourself?

What’s auto-immunity?


No sources, just some thoughts.


***I’m not a doctor this isn’t medical advice always consult your doctor before doing anything


When a majority of your cells are healthy, you are healthy.

When your cells are given enough energy and produce enough energy, you are healthy.

Mind your own health by minding the health of your cells.


The immune system is comprised of wwhite blood cells and bacteria. Namely, it’s bacteria. You’ve got trillions of bacteria living INSIDE and outside your body. The ones INSIDE your cells are mitochondria – producing energy for you. The ones OUTSIDE your body are on your skin, mucous membranes (eyes nose ears mouth gut and lungs). Of course, there’s interaction between the bugs inside and outside the body. Autoimmunity is defined as an immune response run hay-wire, where the immune system attacks your own cells. Why would it do this?


Pathogens – viruses fungi and bacteria, all share a common strategy during ACUTE infection. They target the mitochondria inside your cells. Your mitochondria, being bacteria, less complex than your own cells, make easy targets for these invaders. Mitochondria are simply bacteria which we have a symbiotic relationship with – we provide them with energy, they provide us with energy. Namely, we provide them with input protons and electrons, and they provide us with ATP, CO2, and water. Yes, mitochondria produce water in the process of converting protons and electrons into ATP.


So, with pathogens targeting your mitochondria (think, lyme, candida, mold, the flu, or cancer) we’re at a risk of our cells having hijacked engines (mitochondria). Inside of one of your liver cells, for example, there might be some mitochondria producing energy efficiently for you, for healthy cellular respiration, and there might be some mitochondria in that same cell which are hijacked by a pathogen. While your overall vitality is high, stress is low, and energy is high, the hijacked mitochondria probably will just do nothing. However, in times of stress, our bodies begin to conserve energy, and it is during these times which underlying infections can manifest. For example, inorganic iron, a common excess mineral in most people’s bodies, feeds yeasts and bacteria while being more or less unavailable to our own cells (we need heme-iron, converted by an animal). You take a shower in water from a well with very high levels of iron, and your body is suddenly flooded with iron. This iron lends energy and resources to underlying infections, and suddenly, the mitochondria which have been hijacked by the pathogens start producing energy.

This is when you want an immune response. Except – the buggers are INSIDE your cells. So, your white blood cells work overtime, attacking YOUR OWN CELLS which are producing energy for the pathogens.


From a more distant perspective: ask yourself, how are you fighting yourself? Are you giving energy to activities/people/pursuits which don’t quite ring true?

Consider the other side of the spectrum: a person, or better yet, an animal, who has absolute sovereignty over their thoughts and actions. They always step precisely where and how they mean to step. They never second guess themselves. All of the energy being produced in their body is being very efficiently managed and directed towards the preservation and happiness of that creature.


Don’t starve yourself trying to starve out the disease – most infections occur from a lack of energy, not an excess.


When a majority of your cells are healthy, you are healthy.

When your cells are given enough energy and produce enough energy, you are healthy.

Mind your own health by minding the health of your cells.


2 thoughts on “How are you fighting yourself?

    1. LiamPinson

      Forgot to mention? This is no comprehensive tutorial on keeping your mitochondria healthy and happy. Sunshine is great. Yes, i’ve listened to every jack kruse podcast, yes I’m aware that sunshine gives your mitochondria, and your cells, critical information.


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