Wash Away Your Inflammation


Well, this is definitely just an introduction.

Inflammation in the body is sort of complicated. But I’m here to suggest that maybe we’ve been looking at it from the wrong perspective. Looking at the word itself we see that if something is inflamed it’s probably hot. Now, physicists and scientists, in particular, Gerald Pollack, have been showing some very curious distinctions between heat, temperature and higher energetic charge, but for the sake of my argument let’s stick with the existing consensus that these three things are relatively interchangeable. So back to the word inflammation, we can infer that if something’s inflamed it might be hotter, have a higher temperature, and transitively, have a higher positive charge.

What’s a higher positive charge look like? Cellular charge is, in my opinion, the beginning of biophysics. Higher positive charges equate to there being an excess of protons in the atoms of a cell. This is exactly what the new science of biophysics is showing us: inflamed cells have a higher positive charge than healthy cells.

Protons have a positive charge – electrons have a negative charge.

That’s literally all the physics you need to understand for this. While from a biochemical perspective, the human body is a closed system (calories in=calories out) it really leaves out a big part of the picture. Calories simply aren’t the only form of energy we absorb or expend. As it turns out, we really aren’t closed systems. From a physics perspective, or specifically, a biophysical perspective, we are quite open – open to our environments. Our bodies absorb radiant energy from the sun in particular, but all spectrum’s of light, as well as exchanging energy through our bare feet in contact with the earth. All it takes is those rubber soled insulators you stuff your feet in to close your system off from the ground. Ask any electrician how important it is to safely ground the wiring in your house and you’ll get a quick yes, it’s important. If too much positive charge builds up in an electrical system, problems arise quickly. Inflammatory conditions fall into perspective much more neatly when we recognize that our body’s are indeed open electrical systems. Taking this electrical energy into account through a perspective educated with simple physics, it becomes evident that no matter how much curcumin and bone broth you swallow, if your body doesn’t have access to a ground, eventually you’re going to build up a positive charge that it can’t balance.

Biochemistry is super complicated science. I’ve put in my time studying nutritional and digestive health, and believe me, it’s murky water. Biophysics isn’t much easier, and it’s unfortunately not getting the attention or funding it warrants. What is simple and abundantly clear to me is that we are indeed open systems. We collect positive charge (too many protons) from things like stress, light, exercise, or inflammatory foods, and because of the way we live our lives (disconnected from the earth) we accumulate this positive charge. If you’re reading between the lines, you’ll know that the point of this article is to showcase the electron. The electron is the negatively charged particle that you’re starving for. Think of it as the superfood of all superfoods if you will. Where are you getting electrons? Well, in part, from the food you eat, but more importantly, from the ground itself. Take your shoes off and put your barefeet on the ground, take maybe five minutes to breath, and you’ve radically changed the charge inside your whole body. Stuck inside? Moving water, in particular, cold moving water, carries an exceptionally strong negative charge (electrons). While anybody who knows me knows I love cold showers, you can reap the benefits of these balancing electrons simply by running cold water on your wrists. Yep, you can wash away inflammation.

If any of this peaks your interest, I couldn’t more strongly recommend you examine this meta analysis of “grounding” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3265077/, followed by basically any podcast featuring Dr. Jack Kruse, or his website https://jackkruse.com/. Lastly, if you think the idea that water is electrically conductive and 99% of the molecules in your body are water is worth examining, read the Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack.

Welcome to biophysics.